Saturday, January 07, 2012

One Fine Day

Saturday afternoon and there's nothing to do.  My friends and I were supposed to go for a dip at the pool but we changed plans at the last minute and went to Singapore Botanical Garden instead since I was looking forward to go there since Day 1.  The view is really nice, there are lots of greens (though I was expecting to see lots of blooms but the flower garden is too far so we decided to go there at another day), you can spot people walking their dogs, some are jogging, most of them were with their family.  This is a really nice place to have long walks (that is if you enjoy walking), have picnics by the lake while watching the swans swim, and just basically be one with nature. I was wearing top from Topshop, jeans from a Philippine brand Bench, shoes and accessories from Mango, and bag from Picard.  This is just a preview of the main post. I will, anyway, go back and will remember to charge the battery so I can post lots of photos and show the details of my outfit. Hope you had a relaxing and nice Saturday too. :)

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