Friday, January 27, 2012

Batam, Indonesia

We decided to go to Batam, Indonesia to spend Chinese New Year since we have 4 days off. I used to hate the beach but now I've come to love it because it's a great excuse to don your pretty swimsuits. I'm scared of huge bodies of water so just imagine how scared I was when we were about to board the ferry. Thank God I fell asleep all throughout the trip. It took us only 45 minutes to go to Batam from Singapore. We stayed there for three days and I have just one regular-sized bag with me. Haha! I just brought two pairs of swimsuits from Wanderlust, tops from H&M, Mango, and Topshop, some light makeup, a pair of Havianas, and my Tessere bag. I wore my studded Mango dress for our first day. (Sorry for the self-portrait shots as my friends are so busy taking photos of themselves so I just took my own photos. Lol) During the second day, we went to Turi Beach Resort as the locals told us that this is the most famous and beautiful beach resort in town. The view is amazing! The weather is perfect for a dip in the pool, the beach is fantastic. We had a buffet lunch at the resort then after that we went to the pool to drink and swim. We just spent our last day inside the hotel since we were about to go back to Singapore then. Hope you had a fabulous Chinese New Year too! Xx

Dress from Mango
Swimsuit from Wanderlust
Sunnies from Charles and Keith
Shorts from Cotton On
Tops from Mango and Topshop
Bag from Tessere


  1. nice pictures xo

    1. Hi Farah! Thank you!! :) Following your blog now. :)