Sunday, December 11, 2011

ZoukOut 2011

December 10, 2011
Siloso Beach, Sentosa

It was my first time to attend a music festival since we don’t have it in the Philippines.  I was so excited, I even planned what to wear on that day (although I changed my mind at the very last minute) and went on a “bikini diet” for 2 weeks. Bikini diet for me is eating small portions (really small portions) every hour (haha! Coz I really can’t go on a serious diet since I am always hungry). Lucky for me, it worked!  Anyway, here is what I was wearing on that fun and memorable night:
Me and my colors for the night. Haha!
The Precious Ticket!
"My Oblivion" peeking through
He looks like a vampire here. Hahaha!!

I wore a striped oversized tank top, ripped denim shorts (both from Cotton On) over a blue two-piece bikini from Wanderlust, an orange sling bag from Jane Shilton, and my trusted Havaianas pair. Since I can’t wear so many accessories as I was scared to lose them, I just wore my skull ring (I named him Chris by the way. Haha!) and my H&M cocktail ring. I was initially dressed in a purple denim shorts and turquoise blue sheer top but I find it too dressy for the event so at the very last minute, when I was about to hop on a train going to the beach, I decided to drop by the nearest mall and check if I can get something more rugged, cool, and comfortable to wear. I tied the right side of the top to make it less big otherwise I will appear too small.

At the ZoukOut car
I love this air thing. :D
Lily and Me
I went with my three crazy friends. Meet Chris (Mr. RudyMahoody), Lily (the whipped cream girl and Hari’s tequila girl), and Hari (Lily’s boyfriend).  Lily was wearing a black romper over an emerald green swimsuit. Chris was wearing his “stripper shirt”, as he calls it since it has like small eyelets wherein the air can pass through, and green board shorts.  Hari was wearing polo, white shorts, and his bag (coz he can’t be separated away from his bag. Haha!) Before we went to the beach to dance, we stayed at the carpark and drink.  We were joined by Hari’s friends. It was fun!!
Chris and his sunny-side-up eyes. Lol.
Sexy, Funny, Useful. :D
Lily, the whipped cream girl. Haha!
Victim No. 1
Victim No. 2
Victim No. 3
Victim No. 4
Victim No. 5
Hari and his dance moves. JK!
Lily and Hari
The boys
...and the girls (Me and my silly face!)
Another sexy, funny, useful pic.
I love this bottle opener!
Lily and the boys
We were dancing for 4 hours non-stop. It was amazing to see Avicii and Armin van Buuren play live.  The crowd really went crazy over their music.  The four of us danced like there’s no tomorrow (we actually danced until our legs and feet hurt like crazy).  I was a memorable, truly amazing, and a really fun night indeed! Now I am already looking forward to ZoukOut 2012.  J

At the venue
Me, Lily, and Hari
Chris also has the ZoukOut 2010 armband 
Lily and I
Lily and Hari
The glowing earrings
The raving crowd
Top and shorts from Cotton On
Flip flops from Havaianas
Rings from H&M and some random brand
Bag from Jane Shilton 

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