Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sephora is Love!

I absolutely loooove makeup! I've been putting on colour on my face for nine years now so just imagine how I mastered the art of painting lips, brushing on pinks on cheeks, dusting on bronzer all over the face, lining the eyes and brows, and swiping on mascara on lashes. I always go for the smokey-eye-with-pale-lips look because I think it really enhances my features. For years now, I've tried on several colours of lip tubes and pots and pots of cream shadows. But this makeup palette from Sephora literally took my breath away. Take a look at this beauty:

The Sephora makeup studio has over 190 colours! The set is complete with 96 eyeshadows, 84 lip glosses, 3 blushes, 1 bronzing powder, 6 creme eyeliners, 2 pencil liners, 1 mascara, and brushes. It really is heaven in a box! It's like every woman's dream!! I feel like a professional makeup artist everytime I try on colour after colour.

I always try on different colour everyday. You can create endless looks for daytime and night time. The finish ranges from matte to shimmery. Usual colours like earth browns and smokey blacks are present in this palette, there are the metallics too in the form of gold, blue, bronze, and green. The hardest part is deciding which colour to put on for the day (or night out).

Visit Sephora today and bring out the makeup artist in you!  Have a great weekend loves! Xx

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