Monday, December 26, 2011

Red and Blue

My love affair with swimsuits began early this year with the launch of Solara. I find myself looking through the styles again and again.  Later this year, I purchased three pairs from chic brand Wanderlust.  I tried mixing and matching these pairs and see if they look good together.  Well this is my first attempt to mix and match them.  Let me know if it's nice.  :)

This is the morning of Christmas. We spent our Christmas at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I was with my two best friends Em and Nicco. Look at the funny pics below. Haha!
God I hate my tummy here!!!!
Em and I
Nicco and me
Thank God we live in the tropics coz I really can't survive the cold weather and it's a great excuse to dip in the pool and don your pretty little swimsuits. :) 
Swimsuit from Wanderlust


  1. I looooove your swimsuit! You look HAWT!

  2. Thanks! You can order from Wanderlust. They have really fab swimwear! :)Happy holidays!