Saturday, October 29, 2011

First Purchases at Singapore

October 2011

I was so amazed by the city. Singapore is a huge tourist attraction. And with all the wide array of shopping choices, any fashionista will go crazy!! I've been controlling myself from splurging for weeks but I just can't say no to the inviting shops along Orchard especially the giant H&M store.  So, here are my first purchases: 

I bought a flowy sheer turquoise top, long horn necklace, cocktail stone ring, and gold hoop earrings from H&M. I love this top since you can dress it up or down depending on your mood. I can see it fabulously paired with ultra short shorts when you want to go to the beach. It can be a pretty bikini cover up too. You can also wear it to a party by pairing it with your tightest skinny jeans and highest black heels and some sparkly gold accessories. Complete the look with smokey eyes, pale lips and dewy skin and you're good to go! I have also purchased a romper from Cotton On. You can check out my blog post on that by clicking here.
I also purchased makeup from Sephora and Mac. I was concerned with my uneven skintone so I thought I had to purchase a new foundation that matches my new skin color (I got darker when I came here maybe because of all the walking we did during daytime). To match that, I purchased a lip tube from Mac. This is by far my favorite lip color: Pink Noveau! It really looks pretty with smokey eyes. I can't get enough of it, I use it everyday!
Recently, I also purchased my first fashion magazine in Singapore: Elle Singapore. I haven't read the entire issue yet, I just browsed through it since I can't find time yet to read it from cover to cover but I must say that it is really interesting. Plus it features some of the pieces from Versace for H&M collection which will come out on November 17. Can't wait!! The November issue comes with a free pouch that I use to store my body oil, moisturizer, and all the other bath and body essentials.
You know how much I adore fashion and I am really really looking forward to this collaboration. Versace is a name that connotes style, class, glamour, and sophistication. So I am so happy that Donatella Versace finally said yes to H&M's invitation for a collaboration for capsule collection. I will make a blog post on the entire collection tomorrow. Please do visit my blog again for you to see. :)
I saw these cheap but ultra fab clear cases wherein you can store your accessories, makeup and all the other essentials inside. It's only SGD 2 for each clear box. You can purchase it too on your local hardware stores. It really helped me organize my things here.  On other note, my two friends have already purchased their iPhone 4S. Here it is:  I'm thinking of purchasing the same model, that or a BB Bold since I'm not a techy person. But I think I NEED to replace my phone. Haha! So I'm contemplating between the two.
Anyway, I'm so excited for the coming week since I already have planned out the things to do for the entire week. And I can't wait to take outfit shots for my next blog posts. Have a great week ahead loves! Xx

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