Monday, August 29, 2011

Sheer Leopard and Jeans

August 29, 2011
Monday afternoon, at home

My sister and I will be on our way to Manila to get our things in our condo since she will be working home-based starting September and I will be flying to Singapore on the 18th.  Before her boyfriend picks us up, we decided to take some snapshots for a new blog post. I purchased this sheer leopard print top last Friday since I don't have anything to wear for a night out. This is actually a sheer cardigan and I just put three safety pins to make it a deep V-neck top. Here's the result:


Top and clutch from 50th Ave
Kitten heeled shoes from Janylin
Jeans from Bench


  1. Stylish. I love it. Especially the heel shoes. :-)

  2. love the clutch!


  3. I love how your top goes so well with the clutch. Fab outfit! I will be in Manila for two months as well, starting sept12. For my new job. teehee

    I just did a post about my trip to Paris. Hope you like it and follow my blog too ;)