Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Transform your look with Giordano’s 5-in-1 cardigan

Giordano, the brand of quality basics wear, brings clothing versatility to the limit with its latest apparel for women, the Giordano Transforming Cardigan.

Other transforming apparel can only change from the original to two or three new looks, giving less style and sacrificing comfort. But that’s not the case with the Giordano Transforming Cardigan.

Made from a breathable combed cotton fabric, the Transforming Cardigan is in itself comfortable to the skin’s touch. Like all Giordano apparel, comfort is equal to style. This is where the cardigan breaks away from one’s regular clothes.

The Transforming Cardigan takes on five stylish looks with just a few adjustments. With this fashion item, you can be mysterious, fun, stylish or daring.
 The first form is the basic cape look, great for staying loose and easy and changing one’s office wear from bland to brilliant, particularly in cold offices.
 The second form is the blouse. Spice up your office attire with this changing marvel and never look boring in the workplace again.
 The third look is the vest. Like the blouse, the vest looks great in corporate events, as well as an add-on to one’s existing office attire.

 The fourth is the poncho. Stylish and young, this style is great for parties, chic events, or just strolling in the mall during weekends.
The last look is the scarf. Great for outdoors and casual wear, the scarf is an increasingly popular apparel. With more than 20 ways to wear a scarf, the cardigan proves that it is full of surprises.

The Giordano Transforming Cardigan is available in selected Giordano stores nationwide. Never get left behind in fashion with Giordano.

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