Saturday, July 09, 2011

The Short And Tight Story Of It

Due to our weather, short shorts, tank tops, and summer dresses are staples in a ladies' closet. I'm a fan of short shorts. It can take me anywhere - from the mall to the club, from the coffee shop to the beach.

Short shorts and a tight corset top
What I was wearing is a short shorts from Bay, my sister's corset top, pumps from Janylyn, a blazer gift from an aunt, and Nine West bag.

I love pairing my shorts with my heels
the understated look of shorts and a blazer
 Recently, I've been hooked to blazers.  They just make everything look chic. You can pair it with a bondage dress, with a skirt, with jeans, and even with shorts.  Depending on the color and material, it can make you look long and lean so you have to carefully choose the cut.

Shorts can either make you look chic or laidback, depending on what you pair it with.  If you want to look posh, wear dark shorts (black or leather are the best options) and pair it with your highest heels and top it off with a blazer.  You can either wear your hair up in a chic bun or let it down.

Shorts are definitely a woman's best friend (a woman living in a tropical country like the Philippines, that is) :D


  1. you've got nice legs! love your pumps and floral top.

  2. Thanks dear! Will check your blog now. :) Hope you'll follow mine too. Cheers!