Saturday, July 02, 2011

Fashion Transformation

We all had fashion phases we opt to forget. I have them, really. Growing up, I was never really into fashion or beauty. It was in high school that I discovered my love for fashion. I remember the first time I bought a fashion magazine (it's Candy magazine's Jan Feb ish), I instantly fell in love with all the styling and photos. I've gone through Candy, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and now Preview. I can say that these fashion magazines honed my style.

Clubbing at Republiq in a Forever 21 dress
 My current style is urban chic, sexy, clean, and sohisticated. My love for body-hugging dresses, huge clutches, highest heels, gold accessories, clean lines and the occasional short shorts define my style. Since I'm working in PR, I spent most of my days meeting with clients so it's very important to look nice and put-together.
Strolling at the streets of The Fort in a Bayo shorts, Zara shoes, and Cole Vintage top
Recently though, I learned how to dress the "street smart" way. Short shorts, sheer tops, and oversized polos found their way to my closet. Even if I like dressing street, I still opt to appear clean and stay away from all the unnecessary accessories.

Clubbing at Encore in a Debbie Co dress, Nine West clutch, and thrifted cuff
Post-drinks at The Fort In a white lace dress from an aunt

Cocktails with a girlfriend in an Ensembles dress and Nine West clutch
Dresses make up the most space in my closet, next to them are my bondage skirts in mid to high hemlines. Recently, I became obsessed with sheer tops and huge clutches. I'm guilty of (over) wearing my heels. And to tell you honestly, I don't have flats - not even a pair (except for my trusted pair of Havianas, if that counts).

Clubbing with my friends in a printed Forever 21 dress, Nine West clutch, and thrifted accessories
Along the streets of Eastwood City in my favorite Forever 21 printed dress

Off to lunch in a printed Plains and Prints dress and Celine bag

Post-dinner at Greenbelt in a Kamiseta top, printed Petit Monde skirt and a black bag (a gift from aunt)
I also have a thing for prints (as seen in the photos above) and dark nails. Thank God I am blessed with a skinny frame, prints don't make me look big but they don't overpower my petite frame too. As for the dark nail, I dunno, I just find them bold, sexy, beautiful, and chic. As Rachel Zoe puts it,"you either have your nails painted in a really dark nail color or nude, nothing in between."

Another night out in a Forever 21 dress, Nine West clutch, and 50th Ave accessories
Florals recently became a favorite. I purchased floral dresses and skirts. The love for everything feminine (which is not so much my style) have been in my mind lately. Dainty florals, pink makeup (particularly lipstick) and wavy hair is now an obsession.

Going out in a Zara dress
At Astoria Hotel in a Forever 21 dress and Zara heels
At The Glass Garden in my sister's dress and neckpiece
I like wearing my dresses and skirts short, I like wearing my jeans tight, I like wearing my heels high, and I like maintaining my hair long. Makeup is an essential arsenal. But I like wearing my makeup light, save for the night where I like to wear smokey eyes and a nude lip. 

Coffee with friends in a fuchsia top and lace skirt - both from Forever 21
And the most abused item in my closet? My LBD. Fashion magazines, the people along the streets of Manila, LookBook, blogs, and movies are my fashion inspirations. What I love most about fashion is that it makes life beautiful, it makes you feel powerful, confident, and it makes you feel better. I consider it an instant pick-me-upper. Whenever I feel down, I just put my highest heels on, read a fashion magazine or a fashion blog post, or go shopping. Fashion keeps me grounded and inspired. It makes me sane and happy!


  1. Everything looks great on you! :)

  2. Hi Daphne! Thank you, you're too sweet! Please feel free to follow my blog. :)

  3. ooh, i definitely see members only in there! what an awesome, awesome place. really glad to discover your site, anne. i've also got my hits and misses but like you, im really comfy with my personal style right now.

    can't wait to get back to manila and meet more of you fantastic bloggers!

    i hope you swing by my site sometime:)


  4. Hi Eden! Fashion is all about transformation until you finally discover your personal style. When you go back to Manila, email me at I want to meet more fashion bloggers too. Will check your blog site later. :)