Friday, June 24, 2011

Spain Tourism Board

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Like This!

During the Spain Tourism Board event, one of my dreams came true - to become a model. I was one of the girls who were asked to model for Trucco for the STB event held at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

That's me in the huge shades and brown hat
We were all wearing the Spanish labels Trucco and Mango.  I was asked to wear the sheer brown dress and  brown soft leather boots.  I accessorized it with the bug-eyed Charles and Keith shades (this is owned by our stylist of the day, my colleague Joanarc.  She has an impeccable style. I just adore her when I see her rock the mini skirt trend with sheer tops and long necklaces), my own set of bangles, and a Trucco bag.

With me are Joanarc, Lai, Cee-tee, Ei, and Nicole
Hippie, street, chic, and corporate - that's what Trucco is all about
Trucco has been in the fashion radar of most stylish women who just adore street style.  See, their style ranges from street, hippie (which is what I was wearing), chic, and corporate.  They really have amazing pieces.  Mandarin Oriental Hotel was filled with Spanish-culture-related things during the event.  We were in the "Fashion in Spain" category.

Moda Espana

It was nice to play mannequin for a day. Thank God for high heels! At least petite girls can experience how it feels like to be tall.  Whoever says height can't be bought haven't gone to Aldo and Zara yet. Haha!

With Joanarc who play stylist for a day :)
And the bonus part is each of us get to keep a Trucco scarf!

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