Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Philippine Fashion Week Day 5

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The 5th day of the Philippine Fashion Week was indeed a busy night.  The show we were about to watch was scheduled at 9:30 PM. I had a meeting at 7 to 8 PM so just imagine how I had to hurry up to go home and change clothes, do my makeup, and hurry up to SMX for the show.  During the 5th day, I decided to wear a sheer black top together with my leopard print bondage skirt.

I wore my hair up and put on a pair of chandelier earrings.
The patterned skirt popped out against the black top.  The plain black color of my sheer polo makes for a great backdrop for my leopard print skirt.  Pattern always looks amazing against a plain background.  I grabbed my oversized clutch and put on a pair of blue chandelier earrings.  Accesorizing is a major part of dressing up, as Rachel Zoe puts it: Excessorize baby!!

My lovely sister wearing a maxi dress
My sister, who adores florals and everything feminine wore her new maxi dress, her floral Forever 21 mary janes, gray earrings, and her chain bag.  She's too dainty to say the least.  She's in love with florals, chiffon, chain bag a la Chanel, and everything lolita-esque.  Unlike me who is very urban and kind of bold in my sartorial choices, her definition of fash fashion choices are the dainty and dreamy ones.  It's a good thing actually, since we have a diverse collection of fashion pieces.

Us with the gorgeous and super down to earth, Divine Lee
We've spotted Divine Lee after the show. We were so glad we were able to take a photo with her.  She's amazingly gorgeous with limbs that go on like forever! I adore her sartorial fashion choices, she's not afraid to experiment with looks, her beckyness is a plus factor to her beauty.  Can't believe she's so nice!

With Angel, my good friend. :)

This is my favorite shot. Thanks Angel for the pic. :)
We were actually late for the show.  All of the guests are inside the room when we came in. Thank God, we were still able to get seats for the three of us.  I attended the 5th day with my sister and my good friend, Angel.  Isn't it amazing to have friends who share your passion? :)

My sister and me. :)
I'm so in love with Philippine Fashion now! Michele Sison, one of the designers for the Premiere A collection said she loves the skirt I was wearing that night. I am so flattered to get such compliment from an amazing designer like her!

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