Saturday, May 21, 2011

Papparazi Shots at the Philippine Fashion Week Day 4

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Philippine Fashion Week is everything chic, fabulous, sartorial, glamorous. I went to the 4th night with my friends Em, Fila, and Nico. We've scored tickets for the MEMO RTW show, good thing my sweet friend Fila got us VIP tickets for the L'oreal Show.  While waiting for the next show, we decided to grab a bite (Travel Cafe Philippines has the best-tasting raisin soft cookies! I swear!) and take photos. Thanks to Em's great eye for beauty, we were able to take papparazi-like photos. But actually these photos aren't stolen shots, Fila and I rehearsed for every shot. Haha!

Having fun with my pretty friend, Fila. :)
I came straight from the office and really had zero time to drop by home and change outfit (yes, this is what I was wearing in the office. Haha!). Thank God I manage to walk through the halls and halls of SM Mall of Asia since Nico parked his car in MOA's carpark, which seems like a mile to me. Good thing I mastered the art of sprinting in my platforms.

The idea is for me to look serious and for Fila to look like she's making fun of my "model poses". Haha!

Fila is sooo cute here!!
The idea is for me to pose like a model and for Fila to sort of make fun of my pose. We manage to take some decent shots as SMX was filled with people.

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