Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer and Zoo

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Getting ready for the rainy season is just as hard for me as welcoming the sunny summer days after the cold breeze of the holidays. I somewhat find transitioning a bit hard but exciting. Now that the end of summer is near, we really have to arm ourselves with the gear for the rainy season.  There's the ubiquitous umbrella to keep us dry from the drizzle, chic cardigans and pashminas to keep us warm, platform boots to stay chic and dry while it's raining, and the huge tote to carry in all the rainy day essentials. But we aren't saying totally goodbye to summer now especially that the sun is at it's extreme power every now and then. For this very reason, I am introducing to you my current obsession: Zoo Shop's summer collection.

Wisteria Leopard Playsuit in Blue
I have this love affair with bondage and loose clothing.  Bondage is extremely sexy as it highlights the feminine curves, whereas loose is very summer as it allows air to come in and lets you breathe. When combined, it makes for a sexy and easy vibe.  I love combining loose tops with tight skirts or short shorts.  It makes an outfit interesting and creates a fabulous combination.

Dahlia Sheer Long Pope Top in ivory
I have this love affair with sheer. I just can't get enough of them! Simply because sheer makes you look sexy even without exposing too much skin or putting on tight clothes.  They are a juxtaposition of conservative and bold.  Conservative in such a way that your whole body is covered and bold because it's sheer.

Primrose ruffle pleated maxi dress in blue
The photos above are the perfect sheer pieces. The leopard print in that sheer blue jumpsuit is perfect for either summer and rainy season.  The long ivory pope top and the polka dots long-sleeved button down are the perfect tops to match a tight short shorts and bondage skirt, they're even perfect with your trusted pair of jeans. The sheer maxi is my favorite! This piece is to-die-for!

Orchid crochet shirt in black and white
I particularly love the Orchid crochet shirt since this can give you a just-got-out-of-bed look, a look that I find so sexy and alluring. I just can't get enough of long and loose tops; tops wherein you can pair with short or tight bottoms.  Either way, you're in for a major sexy treat!

Gila ruched knot skirt
All of the pieces featured above are available at Zoo shop.  You may browse through their wide array of fabulous items at the prices are all indicated in the website and the procedures on how to place an order. Have fun shopping!

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