Friday, April 08, 2011

Me and my Forever 21 Printed Dress

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A dress has many lives, that I believe and firmly follow. My love affair with dresses started when I graduated from college.  When I was still studying, my uniform would be skin-tight jeans and a nice figure-flattering top. But I was (and still am) always in heels.  Anyways, back to the dress-addiction, after graduating from college, I realized I have to widen my clothing choices. I was required to constantly wear skirts and dresses when I started working. My first job was in PR so I have to always look presentable in front of clients.  I was never a morning person, but I have to since I was required to report to work as early as 7 AM.  Dresses are not just a chic choice, it also gives you more time for makeup (and all those beauty rituals) since it doesn't require you to think about what to wear it with.

My birthday celebration at ICON Ultimate Club with my best friend, Odette
For my 25th birthday celebration last December, I choose to wear a gray Forever 21 sheath dress.  But I have this one particular dress, also from Forever 21, that I really really love. I can't have enough of it. Honestly, I've worn it several times already. Here's the proof:

Wednesday night with Tin, Heshvey, and Em at Manor Superclub
 This is the first time I've worn this dress.  Since then, I fell in love with it and started to reuse it again and again and again.  The following three photos were taken during the same night.

 I love that it hugs in all the right places, thus giving the wearer a sexy vibe.  See, it transformed my skinny frame into a slightly curvy type. 

With Em and Annesy at Figaro Ortigas
With Em, my best gay friend :)
This is the second time I used the dress. It's a regular day at the office and we have to cover the newest menu offering of Figaro at that time. I was so late that day so I had the first thing that I saw in the closet. Yup, it's the printed dress.

I actually hate this photo as I look drunk here.  Wednesday night at Bliss with Third, Tin, and Em
At Republiq with JM, Tin, and Em
Girl friends having fun at a night out in Republiq
With my friend, Dennis at the same night. God, I hate my hair here. I scrunch it all over to give it volume but it turned out to be very dry-looking in the photos. Hehe!
The most recent is this month at Republiq Superclub. I was so sleepy and was so lazy to go out that night so I just throw in on the first thing that I thought of wearing. And yes, it's still the Forever 21 printed dress.

Ladies have this habit of having favorites among their closet staples.  Mine is this dress, what's yours?

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