Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Solara Addiction

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Summer denotes many things - vacation, long days and short nights, skinny dipping, diet, barkada trips, and BEACH!!! Of course, beach trips won't be complete without our trusted swimwear choices.  The best thing about this season is that since it's hot, one will have the excuse of lounging around wearing easy and breezy clothes.  Aside from lounge wear, another prerequisite clothing item this season is swimwear.  More and more labels are now introducing their swimwear line since it became a necessity especially in the Philippines, it is practically summer all year long.  There are many swimwear styles to choose from, and these styles vary from size to size and come in every color you could imagine.  Us ladies are very particular when it comes to swimwear.  As for me, since I have a very petite frame, I prefer the triangle two-piece bikini style since it won't overwhelm my petite frame and will look perfectly good on any delicate frame just like mine.  A newly-launched swimwear line here in Manila is Solara Swimwear.  This is the baby of former beauty queens Maggie Wilson-Consunji and Sandra Seifert.  Take a good look at their extremely sexy S/S 2011 collection.

Crystal Sporty Bikini, PHP 2,500
See, Maggie and Sandra are my peg for the perfect summer and bikini-ready bod.  They could practically live 24/7 in their Solara swimsuits.  I think Solara is made for the Pinay frame - small and delicate, skinny with curves, sexy and classy all at once!

Ruby Bow Bikini, PHP 2,800
This extremely sexy two-piece style is my first favorite.  The fiery red color will look great against the white sands of Bora, behind the sunny summer sky, and even on a sunset.  Red, definitely, means sexy, powerful, and seductive.  And this pair really capture it all!

Tanzanite Triangle Bikini, PHP 2,500 .  
 This is my original choice.  Triangle bikini tops really compliment small frames since it makes your chest appear bigger and thus, sexier.  (By the way, I really am in love with Maggie's tattoos. They look very sexy, don't you agree?)

Silver Triangle Bikini, PHP 2,500
Malachite High-Waist, PHP 3,200
 This is very pinup-like.  The high waist detail is very chic and sexy at the same time.  Perfect for fashion photo shoots! I could really see this in the pages of Preview Magazine (and even Vogue!)

Pearl Monokini, PHP 3,000
See, monokinis are quite popular nowadays.  It's cut-outs make for a sexy swimsuit since it compliments your sexy curves and hides your unwanted bulges due to pigging out. (Oops!)

Emerald Twist Bikini, PHP 2,800
Onyx Bow Bikini, PHP 2,800
Black really exudes class and sophistication.  You can be a sexy and classy chic at the same time by donning this color. Yes, even at the beach baby!
Melanite Monokini, PHP 3,000
Sapphite High-Waist, PHP 3,200
Zircon Sporty Bikini, PHP 2,500

Diamond Twist Bikini, PHP 2,800

Aquamarine Twist Bikini, PHP 2,800

Solara Basics Campaign

To order, you may text/call +63917.483.9398 or call +632.697.6013
You may visit their Facebook Fan Page at
To know your size, Solara provided you with this size chart

This Saturday, April 9, they will be having a trunk show at Chocolate Fire in L.P. Leviste cor. Rufino Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City.  Everyone is invited!! So ladies, what are you waiting for?  Go grab your own Solara Swimsuit and experience summer the Solara way!

** Photos courtesy of Solara Swimwear


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  2. Super hot! Can you rock those, sis? :)

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  3. Hi Martina, thank you for the compliment. I visited your blog, but unfortunately I can't understand it. It's written in Italian dear.

    Hi Sis! Yup, I think I can rock these swimsuits. I have to go on a diet first. :)