Sunday, April 24, 2011

Have You Found the Perfect Swimsuit?

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Summer is really here! I can really feel the scorching heat of the sun, hear the inviting waves of the sea, taste the refreshing mixes of fruit juices, smell the energizing scent of flowers, and see the sexy bodies of men and women by the beach side.  I'm sure many of us have gone to all sorts of crazy diet programs in order to look smashing at the beach come summer. The question is, have you found the perfect swimsuit yet? Well, for those of you who haven't, I concocted this post for an inspiration and pegs for the perfect swimwear.

I really love this look. I love animal prints especially on swimsuits.
This is the perfect ferocious two-piece bikini for a sexy and confident beach bum.

For this post, I am showing you collections from Ana Beatriz Barros and Jets Swimwear. Ana Beatriz Barros is more feminine, sexy, fierce. Her designs are mostly printed with opaque and striking colors such as moss green (as shown in the photo below) and with sexy animal prints like the photo above.

I love looking for pegs for possible pictorials with my friends. When I found this photo,
I thought this is the best peg for a Facebook profile photo. Haha!
For Jets 2011 Swimwear Collection, the pieces are mostly sweet with an edge, it gives off a rock and roll vibe with a hint of the 60s era.  Two-piece bikini in rich colors such as fuchsia and snakeskin blue, bandeau bikini comes in prints, maillots come in color blocks, all of the pieces are to-die-for! 

Jets 2011 Collection comes in sweet fuchsia, sexy snakeskin print, and very 60s maillot version,
thus giving the clientele a wider choice.
Blue looks smashing against a tanned skin. Very sexy!

Bandeau is the best type to highlight a not-so-ample chest,
thus giving the wearer the illusion of a bigger chest.

Prints come in paisley and polka dots. Sweet and sexy at the same time.
The 60s vibe: Maillot and high-waisted bikini bottoms
For Ana Beatriz Barros Mano S/S 2011 collection, pieces are delicate, feminine, sexy, giving off the wearer a relaxed and fun vibe. Suits come in fresh and striking colors with prints for a maximum impact, fierce animal prints are also seen.

One word to describe this: SEXY!!!!

Easy pieces against the blue sea is heaven!
Have fun with these swimwear pieces from Ana Beatriz Barros.
Have fun with your man with this tankini in a refreshing sea blue color. Splash!
If you still haven't decided yet on what swimsuit to buy for your next beach trip, consider these choices. You may find a similar pair in a swimsuit store near you.


  1. i am having a giveaway on my blog, that is perfect for spring&summer! a RAD BIKINI by a young Mexican designeer! check it out, you wont be disappointed ♥ i promise!

  2. I checked it. Fab! Already entered the contest. Thanks! Mwah! Please follow me too. :) I've been blogging for a month so it's kinda new.

  3. These bikinis are really wonderful! The colors and shapes simply perfect! I love swimsuit!

    Kisses xoxo:)