Sunday, July 17, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Sunday

So, I spent the whole day in front of the laptop after having a weekly workout. I manage to find some interesting blogs and decided to create a blog post on the random thoughts on this lazy Sunday afternoon. Forgive me if you don't find these interesting, I just wanna share these with the rest of the internet community.

Model Kate King in Maybelline as featured in

Photo credit: Into The Gloss
Colline Michaelis wearing Guerlain makeup. Photo from Into The Gloss
Her hair is fantastic! It's fantastic!
The tempest. Evil becomes beautiful! Photo credits to TheOnes2Watch
Photo credits to
 If only life could be this easy. Google will be the best friend of many. :D

Yes, love does that. It changes us. Keep breathing, keep loving. It's the nicest feeling on Earth, I swear. Love, love, love! Photo credits to

Kate Moss is LOVE! Photo credits to
The anatomy of a perfect boyfriend. Lol.
Jake Letts for Bench Body
The Philippine Rugby team, commonly referred to as the Volcanoes took Manila by storm. I've never seen such a hot billboard along EDSA. But unfortunately, the Mayor find it too racy so he ordered to take all the billboards out. Too bad!
Black is beautiful
Photo from
Natasha Poly has been my number one girl-crush of all time. I just adore her cheekbones and her famous catwalk that made her the star in the runway.
Natasha defines beauty
Photo from
The look of love.
Sara Abassi. Photo from Into The Gloss

Love and time

Photo from
Love is the greatest feeling in the world
But who knows, maybe one day we'll be perfect for each other.
Photo from PBA website
Photo credit to NLEX Road Warriors Facebook fan page


I need a new exercise machine! And oh, I just decided to become a vegan on weekdays. Weekends are cheat days. :)
Via tunapish
From drinabeily. Yes, I'm forever on a diet!
To become this thin
And this thin. Photos from
Coz I've always wanted to be a supermodel. If only height can be bought, I'd buy tons!

Photo courtesy of Into the Gloss
Photo from
 Ooohhhh that's what I call hot. Stop smoking. Where can I get one?
Are there bicycle boys this hot in Manila? Where exactly? Lol.
Stop it.
Dancing male model. Photos from fun-as-flapjacks, tunapish, and thatswhatdanisaid
Ooh, who is this hottie over here?

Fu*k it! I'll continue to live my fabulous life!
Yeah, sometimes I still do.
Last pack! Seriously!
Best friends share ice cream, not boyfriends. Lol.
Of course, there are still lots of things in my mind right now. Like the next DLSU game in the UAAP, the Azkals game VS. Kuwait, water therapy, the round thing that makes your waist small (I dunno what to call that exercise machine thing), what to prepare for my vegan week, Charina Sarte sale at GB5, party with the girls at Republiq (coz I really really miss the club!), my SG dream, manicure and pedicure (coz I didn't get one today), and more random thoughts. What's yours? :)


  1. babes, i followed you! great set of images here. loved the dancing model gif among everything. hehehe.


  2. Hi girl! Thank you for following me. :) Really appreciate that you loved the photos. I loved the dancing male model too. Hot! Lol. :)