Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lace and Sheer

I never thought lace will look good on me. Lace is often associated with the old ladies - our grannies would wear them to church and old women are often seen sporting them since lace is a very conservative garment. But not anymore. Designers nowadays are remaking this conservative garment, making it more young, vibrant, and sexy.

Wearing a black lace skirt from Forever 21
Seen in this post is a black lace skirt and sheer top both from Forever 21, Zara platforms, Enzo Angiolini clutch, and a set of bangles from Cash and Carry.

 Sheer has been one of my favorites lately. I purchased three sheer tops recently and wear them with nothing but a black brassiere when I party with the girls and put on a camisole when I decide to wear them to work.  Sheer is very sexy in a subtle way. One can look sexy albeit exposing nothing.

I've loved matching printed tops with printed bottoms. The key to not looking so "printed" is that you have to make sure that the colors are not that loud or both of the items should belong to the same color family. It tends to overwhelm petite frames so we have to be very careful when donning on a print on print outift.

And ladies, remember not to put on heavy makeup. You don't want to overpower your entire look with a strong eye and/or a strong lip. A hint of pink on your cheeks and lips, mascara on your eyes, and translucent powder all over your face will do.

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