Friday, December 30, 2011

KL Day 2

We spent our second day in KL in the cold, high, and foggy Genting Highlands.  I was wearing really short shorts and a sheer top so just imagine how freezing cold it was for me but nevertheless I still managed to stay inside the place for 2.5 hours. After screaming our lungs out due to the crazy rides, we took a cab and went to Batu Cave (photo shown above).  My friends Em and Nicco decided to take the stairs with 175 steps and go inside the bat cave but I was too exhausted and lazy to climb all the way up so I just stayed on the ground and wait for them.  After that, we went back to our hotel and went shopping again (yay!!).  We went to the Petronas Tower (I know I promised to write a blog post about it today but the photos are all in my other laptop so I think I can do that tomorrow) and take hundreds of photos of the beautiful twin towers.  At around 12 MN we went back to our hotel to have dinner and sleep. I hope you had a fun and happy Christmas too!

In Batu Cave and Genting Highlands:
Top from Mango
Shorts from Cotton On
Cardigan from Banana Republic
Flipflops from Havaianas

In Petronas Twin Towers
Lace top from H&M
Jeans from Mango
Bag from Tangs
Accessories from H&M

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