Saturday, March 26, 2011

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I'm addicted to fashion. I'm obsessed with clubbing.  I'm a responsible gimikera. I party even on a weekday but I get to report to work the next day.
  This photo is taken in Izakaya Greenbelt 2 last February during one of their Moshi Moshi Monday parties.  Dress is from Forever 21, cocktail rings are thrifted.

This is taken from one of our night-outs at Icon Ultimate Club in Intercontinental Hotel Makati.  Dress is from Zara. I think this is a Wednesday night.

This is taken on a Wednesday night in Encore.  With me is Em, my best becky friend.  You'll find more of him in my future blog posts. He and Tin (you'll soon see her in my future posts).  I'm wearing a dress from Ensembles by Debbie Co, gladiator purse is from Nine West, and shoes are from Liliw, Laguna.  Laguna, by the way, is my hometown, and Liliw is famous for having the best shoe merchants.  Would you believe I got this pair for Php 350.00 only? Fab right? 

Wednesday nights are usually spend out clubbing in the metro.  This photo is taken in the streets of Eastwood after partying in Manor Superclub.  Dress is from Forever 21, shoes are from Zara, purse is from Nine West.  With me are Em and Heshvey. 

This is a Monday night in Members Only.  I attended the School of Fashion and the Arts graduation after-party with a friend.  I'm wearing a dress from Ensembels, shoes are my sister's, purse is from Nine West.

This photo is taken during the 2011 S/S Philippine Fashion Week.  Skirt and sheer top is from Forever 21, shoes is from Zara. 

My usual day revolves around my work, fashion, party with friends, and music.  What about yours?  What constitutes your typical day?

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1 comment:

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, sis! :) Nice outfits, by the way.

    Mars of fashion insouciance